Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer is here!

And with it comes TROUBLE!

And I will stay up late to work, hopefully. So, tonight I’m up. I just ran through Love Waltzes In (out in FOREVER YOUNG ANTHOLOGY SEPT 09) again and chewed my nails awaiting edits from my editor extraordinaire. I also ran through a crit for the Writer’s Pen group. I am tired, very tired, and now I have to:

Finish edits on last written chapter of Crooked Angel
Finish writing another bit on Holly and the Fantasy Romance (untitled!)
Do new guests spots for Introducing WRITERS!

And all that before I can get started on anything else, and yes there is always something else! Whoa. Better get cracking. I did start edits and I have been writing. But it’s been a long time coming. I think it’s the change in seasons. I have heard from SO many people who just cannot seem to write these days.

Oh, and here’s a funny story. I come home to a granddog who had learned how to get under the fence and who was trapped quite nicely next door.

GRRR. At least the neighbors love me enough to keep putting up with her antics. And the hubby got home and took matters into his hands, discovering her escape route and plugging it up, so I could get indoors out of the heat, which zaps my energy to the inth degree. So the hubster earned brownies. Good, right?
He asks, “When is the kidlet coming for that animal?”
Me: “….um…”
Him: “She has to come home this week, right?”
Me: “…yeah, for the doctor appt.”
Him: “Is the dog going home with her?”
Me: “Um...”
Him: “Um…? ”
Me: “The granddog is spending the week, but has to come back in the fall for the rest of the year because her Mama can’t keep her at the new place she is moving into and so we are getting the granddog.” (Yes all one breath)
Blank stare.
I returned this with a very weak smile that fools no one. He turns on his heel and goes for a long shower.
I haven’t brought up the subject since. I wonder how long until he does!


Marta Stephens said...

I'd take that puppy in a heartbeat, (SO cute!!) but we have two Bostons and two mini Daschunds that OUR daughter adopted then couldn't take them home. :0

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Ha, Kim! I can SO relate! My daughter Melanie is home for the summer, along with her little Rat Terrier, Toby. He and Balto have a unique relationship, and I'm in stitches laughing at the "big brother/little brother" antics they pull. They've also been very comforting therapy dogs for me this week while I recover from my stupid hospital stay. Aren't dogs, even at their naughtiest, the greatest?

s.w. vaughn said...

Kim is busy, busy, busy! Love the title of your WIP. ;-)

Puppy! I wants! I have been trying to get my hands on a puppy, but I can't find one anywhere that isn't purebred and costing several hundred dollars. There's always free puppies everywhere - until I'm ready to get one! Argh.

Marta Stephens said...

Hey SW, do a search within your county/state for people who rescue dogs. Some only rescue certain breeds. ;)