MURDER BY 4 (MB4) is an authors’ group blog established by authors for authors. It is a platform for the exchange of writing experiences, information, inspiration/support, and promotion of fiction by serious writers.

Guest writers will be featured on Mondays or Fridays.

Each submission will be carefully reviewed for consideration based on the quality of content and accuracy. By submitting an article to MB4 the author agrees that MB4 can edit minor typographical errors without the author’s consent. The author further agrees that if the team at MB4 deems that an article does not meet the site’s standards, MB4 will: 1) ask the author to edit the article and resubmit it at a later date, or 2) reject the submission.

Authors are strongly encouraged to read some of the blogs posted on MB4 to understand the kind of materials that is deemed appropriate for submission. We are looking for well-written, error free, and informative articles in which the author is able to share his or her writing experiences or writes a piece based on a writing-related topic (writing challenges, editing, marketing, writer’s block, the how-to of; book signings, tours, publication, securing an agents/editors, query letters, book promotion, etc.). Authors are encouraged to weave the promotion of his or her latest book(s) throughout the piece.

The MB4 team will make every effort to promote each guest’s post in various other blogs and social networks, but the author should not rely solely on these efforts. For the best results, guests need to take an active role in promoting their guest posts on MB4 by announcing the date/link, etc., to his or her network of readers and fellow writers. Guest writers should also make every effort to respond to reader comments. In addition to the blog, the author’s website link will be promoted on the sidebar throughout the week they are featured.

We will NOT accept:

• Non-Fiction book promotion.
• Book blurbs and other blatant self-promotion pieces.
• Non-writing related articles.
• Articles expressing extremist political, racial, or religious views or one that discriminates against others 
     based on race, gender, or religion.
• Articles that reflect graphic language, erotica, or works of a pornographic or gratuitously violent nature.

Submission guidelines:

Failure to comply with the following submission guidelines may result in a rejection or delay in posting.

• 1,500 words or less
• Use Times Roman 12 font
• Single space
• Margins flush left
• The title of books or other published works in ALL CAPS.
• One space between paragraphs
• Proofread your work carefully
• Articles may be sent as attachments to the link on the sidebar. Include: author website or blog link, author photograph (JPG), JPG of book cover. If the links or JPGs are not included, the author’s article will be posted without them.
• All photographs must be in JPG format.
Articles must be submitted at least three days prior to the blog date to ensure it will be posted on time.

Please submit your pieces to Aaron Lazar at aaron dot lazar at yahoo dot com. Thanks!