Sunday, August 14, 2016

An Author's Game

Good morning, folks.
Well, I have been pretty remiss about posting this summer, and I apologize. I know you all can relate when things get crazy at home. This time our daughter moved home with her two beautiful boys (two years old and four months!) As grateful as we are to be able to help raise these sweet children, it's been hectic!
We have had the hottest and most parched season I ever remember. For us here in the Finger Lakes Region of NY, we normally get maybe 3-4 days over 90 degrees. This summer we've had 18 to date and hardly any rain. Our lawns were crispy brown by July 1st, which is unheard of here. But yesterday, we were blessed with some lovely, drenching showers, and if it hadn't been thundering and lightning out there, I swear I would have danced in it with arms raised in thanks to the Heavens! 
I thought it would be fun to play a game today. Recently, I was tagged by Anita Stewart on Facebook for an authors' game. To play, one is asked to quote about seven lines from page seven of their current work in progress, and then tag seven other fellow authors.

Here are lines from my current WIP, DEVIL'S SPRING, book 3 in the Bittersweet Hollow series. 
I've tagged seven (okay, eight!) authors at the bottom. Please post your WIP lines in the comments section. 

This is from the prologue of DEVIL'S SPRING:

Grace’s face twisted and she moaned. “Oh my God. I’m having another one.”
Dr. Rosenthal nodded. “Good, they’re coming regularly now. Let’s get her up there.” She backed out of the room and gave a little wave. “See you soon.”
“Good?” Grace screamed. “This hurts!” She doubled over and yelled for Anderson. “Anderson, make it stop!”
He glanced helplessly at the nurse, who smiled and shrugged. “Nothing you can do, sweetie. Just move back so we can get her up to the third floor. We’ll probably get her some pain meds when it gets really bad.”
Grace’s face reddened. “When it gets really bad? Are you kidding me?”

I tag: Jane Firebaugh, Viv Drewa, Anna del MarJoan H. Young, Joan Hall Hovey, Holly Jacobs, Sonya Bateman, and Kim Smith.
Thanks to all who play along, and have a great rest of your Sunday!
Aaron Lazar
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