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Happy summer! We are in the midst of a heat wave here in the Finger Lakes region of western New York, as is much of the country. I hope you're staying cool!

Today we're featuring Heidi Skarie, a prolific and talented writer of the Star Rider series. Not only are her stories intriguing and heart-pounding, but Heidi has interwoven spiritual themes that fascinated me. See what she has to say, below!

- Aaron Paul Lazar

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Aaron suggested I write about the spiritual aspects of the Star Rider Series. The first book in the series, Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge, came to me in a series of six dreams. I wasn’t a novelist at the time; the story was the impetus that sparked my interest in writing. After that first novel, the next six books poured in like a river flowing into the ocean.


The series is science fiction and a cross between Star Wars and Outlander. Like Star Wars my heroes tap into a force that I call the sound current or Eternal Life Stream. This Life Force is comparable to what Christians call the Holy Spirit. 


The series is also like Star Wars in that the characters are embroiled in an interplanetary war between a totalitarian empire and freedom fighters. 


The story is like Outlander in that it deals with loving relationships in two generations of characters. Both series explore the many aspects of love, marriage, and sacrifices. Outlander explores the idea of time travel whereas the Star Rider series takes place in a futuristic world in another galaxy.


The main character in the first three books is Toemeka Ganti. She follows the Ancient Path of Light and Sound, can communicate telepathically, and travel out of the body into heavenly worlds. She marries a man who becomes the spiritual leader of the Ancient Path.


Toemeka’s son, Baymond, is the main character in the next two books and an important character in the last two. In my latest book, Heir to Jaipar, the seventh book in the series, Baymond, who has mystical abilities, travels to a distant planet to do missionary work. The evil galactic ruler captures him. His close friend Everette and Everette’s wife Morisa, set off on a dangerous mission to rescue Baymond and his family. 


Heir to Jaipar explores the themes of unconditional love, death, courage, and loyalty. The insights into life and spiritual aspects set it apart from other science fiction books.


This also happens to be the week of Heidi's newest release - Heir to Jaipar. Here's a bit about it!

Heir to Jaipar, A Space Opera Adventure was launched Saturday, June 15th. 

The book is still at the special introductory price of 99 cents. It will be going up soon so grab one now!

Here is a review of Heir to Jaipar:

"This thrilling space opera masterfully combines intergalactic politics, mystical intrigue, and romance, making for a fast-paced and engaging read. The well-developed characters and exciting plot twists will keep you hooked from start to finish. "

-A. B. Amazon reviewer.

The previous book Golden Cord of Light: A Space Opera Adventure,which introduced Morisa, the heroine in Heir to Jaipar, is still on special for $1.99. 

Here is a review of Golden Cord of Light:

"This sci-fi/fantasy blend sucked me right in! I loved following Princess Morisa's journey of self-discovery dealing with sorcery, romance, and politics. Her fiery chemistry with Prince Everette amid the chaos was super entertaining. The dogfight scene with the starfighters was such an adrenaline rush." 

-D. W. Amazon reviewer

Golden Cord of Light

Heir to Jaipar

 Enjoy these deals while they last!

- Aaron Paul Lazar