Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Will to Love, by Kim Smith

How did A Will to Love come to be?

When I set out to write A Will to Love, the news came to our little hamlet that the bed and breakfast nearby was going out of business. The story surrounding its history was something of a sad story SEE VIDEO HERE and I felt really bad about the man who had lost his wife in a tragic accident, and wanted to capture that sorrow in the person of Benton Jessup. Of course, it turns out HEA, but that was the impetus to write the story.

I love writing and reading romance so this little story was just a natural outcropping of my favorite things, books and love. And who could deny such strong influences?

I think there is a lot of me in the story, and maybe you will find a lot of you too. I hope you enjoy it!

Available TODAY! as an ebook download at RED ROSE PUBLISHING

I am also running a CONTEST! to celebrate A Will to Love's release. You can find out the details at my website CONTEST PAGE and you can win FREE BOOKS!!

Kim is the author of the popular Shannon Wallace Mystery series available at Red Rose Publishing.


s.w. vaughn said...

Hooray, Kim! CONGRATS on your release!!!

Man, that cover is great. :-) And I love your inspiration behind the book - what a powerful story!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks SW, I am pretty excited about it. My very first love story ...ahhhh... :)

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Congratulations, Kim! I'm heading right over to buy it. And I love love love your cover!!! Way to go. ;o)

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Aaron. I think the artist did a super dooper job of the cover. It's like the real face of a book, and she did very well.

Sheila Deeth said...

Congratulations! It looks, and sounds great.

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Sheila!!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Sheila!!

Cheryl said...

Great news Kim! I love the cover on this one.


Kim Smith said...

Thanks so much Cheryl. I am very proud of that cover too!