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Commonly Confused Words

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When I need a distraction from a hectic day or just feel lazy, I love to play a few addictive games of Book Worm or Scrabble. I know … what a waste of time, right? Not entirely. For me it’s just what my mind needs to unwind after a busy day. Aside from that, these types of activities keeping my mind active.

I have to admit, one of my favorite sites for word games and other neat stuff is the Merriam-Webster website

The word games on this site such as, Jumble Cross Word, Eat Your Words, and Wordo are great, but if you look on the side bar, you’ll notice a variety of other interesting information such as their “Top 10 List.”
For instances, according to MW, the following are the top ten commonly confused words. So, is it:
  1. Flush out or flesh out?
  2. Compliment or complement?
  3. Precede or proceed?
  4. Accept or except?
  5. Than or then?
  6. Torturous or tortuous?
  7. Imminent or eminent?
  8. Discrete or discreet?
  9. Persecute or prosecute?
  10. Loose or lose?
You’ll find these words' definitions, examples of their proper use, and great ways to remember which word to use here:

Okay, I’m off to work and later a game of Word Roundup!

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Marta. Sorry I'm so late getting to this, but I'm glad you told us about these online games. I love Scrabble the old fashioned way, but never tried it by myself (or against a computer.) Thanks!!!