Thursday, December 2, 2010

December prompts

For some people, coming out of the month that inspires writing every day (Nanowrimo) to get to December and NOT write is sometimes a pleasure.

For the rest of us, the wintertime can be a time of sluggish writing. We just need something to inspire us!

For me, I try to take photos of scenery that reflects the season and that usually gets me going. Who COULDN'T write about the beauty that is winter?

For some, it may be poetry that will shake loose a few ideas.

At any rate, whatever your method, here is a great little link to get you going with some great writing prompts this winter. I hope you end up with the tale of your dreams, and it gets you into the Christmas spirit!

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hey, Kim! This is a great photo. The poor old leaf, all dry and crinkled, sitting on the next of new fresh evergreen... Nice! I'm in the midst of tons and tons of editing right now - it's sure not as fun as the creating part. Can't WAIT to get back to that!! Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend. ;o)