Saturday, October 16, 2010

Help Me Name an Evil Drug Company - and win a copy of Healey's Cave

Hi, folks
I've been working on my fifteenth book, tentatively titled "Essentially Yours." It's a contemporary mystery with a slight paranormal twist, set in the Adirondacks.

One of the villains is a big bad drug company who's trying to squash studies showing the essential oil of a very common weed may cure a horrible illness - which could save the lives of millions of people.

'Course, we all love to hate the big old drug companies, especially if they're evil to the core. (no offense to the good ones who create life saving drugs! LOL) But this particular bunch of bozos wants to kill everything and anyone involved in the cure, so they can continue to sell their high priced drugs.

I'd temporarily been calling this company "Med Corps," a name I plucked from nowhere. But yesterday I decided to look up the name to be sure there wasn't a real company with that name, and... you guessed it. I got plenty of "hits" and realized I needed a new name.

I came up with about fifteen possibilities. How about tweaking Med Corp, just a little? Medicorp? Nope, already used. Medacorp? Same thing. I spun that one seven ways to Sunday, then started on new names. After giving up on "med" anything (you think of it, it's been done!), I started with the prefix "Nor," thinking it sounded cool. Norcorp. Taken. Nortex? Taken. And on and on.

Here's the challenge. Come up with a cool sounding name for a big bad medical company, do a search and make sure there's nobody out there who will get mad at us for using its name in such a defamatory way (LOL), and if I choose your entry, I'll send you a free copy of Healey's Cave, my latest mystery. (

I'm going to post this in a few places, but I'll come back and check often, and let you know who wins.
Let's pick a deadline. How about next Saturday, Oct. 23rd, 2010.

Use your imagination, do the required google search (or use whatever search engine you prefer), and find me some cool names for this evil drug company! I'll also give you credit in this book when it comes out - your name will be in lights! (grin)

Thanks in advance for your efforts, and remember... take pleasure in the little things! And if you like to write... write like the wind!

Aaron Paul Lazar

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I'm posting this a day early to give folks a little extra time to come up with a great entry! Good luck to all. ;o) (and if you already have a copy of Healey's Cave, you may choose an alternate title from my previous published books!)

Unknown said...

Pillskillzall Pharmaceuticals ;o)

Unknown said...

You could use something like:
Slabrnot Pharmaceuticals (slab or not)
Deathrnot (death or not)

Rotrnot (rot or not) get the idea.

C. N. Nevets said...

Daphne Darnel
Butterfly Hawk

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Renda and CN, these are great! Thanks for the super effort, and I'll let you know who wins next week. I'll compile all the names and announce the winner on Saturday. ;o)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Medslab Corporation - because it can be taken either way, Med Slab or Meds Lab.

Medic Pharm? - a spin on medics.

MedCor - Medical Corruption

CurMed Pharm or Corp - a synomim for Corrupt or Cure.

Unknown said...

Elixitech International
Elixicorp Inc.


I think I like Elixicorp best out of the three...whenever I think of elixirs I think of something that professes to fix or cure but doesn't.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Wow! You guys are coming up with wonderful ideas! Thank you so much! I'll consolidate the names and let you all see the entries and winner next Saturday. ;o)

Kim Smith said...

wow this is a toughie! seems everything i think of has been taken too!

I took the town i live in Memphis and mixed it with medical



eek... okay i am done!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks, Kim!!!