Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is your writing routine?

Apparently I am not alone in needing a routine to crank out my work. In the seasonal aspect of things, I am more of a summer/fall writer than I am a winter/spring sort. That is because I love to sit outside and write. When the weather is pleasant, cool, and dry, I am at my utmost best. Not so when I have to write indoors because its just too cold or wet outside. And in the south, spring is nice, but usually pretty dang stormy. Hard to get anything done with the tornado sirens going off all around you.

What about you? Do you have a specific time to write? A specific place? What about a special hat you wear or notebook you use?

These are the things that signify to our creative muse that we are prepared to allow ideas to flow. The thing that troubles me most is, whenever I get in my place with my tools at hand, someone usually interrupts. I used to be able to pick up my train of thought and get back at it years ago. Not so much today.

We should always know when the best time for creating is as well. Are you a morning writer or an evening one? Does the television have to be on or off? Do you listen to music or does it have to be quiet?

The fun of crafting a story is something that we all will admit to being as addicted to. When the writing is going well, we feel on top of the world. That wonderful feeling is what leads us to sit down and write in the first place. It is also what gets us back there day after day during the creation phase.

I am going to repeat an earlier statement as well, and say that if you are having trouble getting words on the page, just go out of your normal place and get somewhere new and different with new and exciting sensory surroundings to tweak the muse.

That’s what I am going to do next week, when I once again fly off to my beloved mountains in NH and Vermont. Look forward to a fun pictorial of my adventures in days ahead. I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with lots of word counts!


Marta Stephens said...

My writing routine changes from time to time. I used to be able to write late at night, now it's early in the morning. Maybe I'm still writing late, late, late and only think it's morning! Ha!

As far as where I write -- at my desk, but creative thoughts come to me all the time; in the car, during meetings, in the shower. I keep a small notebook in my purse so I can write my thoughts down or if I'm near a computer, I e-mail the ideas to me. ;)

Enjoy your vacation. Sounds mighty fab!

Janet Kay Gallagher said...

Wake up about 2-4 AM start up computer. Bed 5 AM up for the day 7AM. Usually head for computer day and night coming in the door.
Organization still needs work.

Shirley said...

I like to write whenever I can squeeze in the time. Days off during the morning are perfect. But anytime is good. It's never-ending.

Sheila Deeth said...

What's routine? My characters seem to have most to say to me when I have least time to get it onto paper, but that's just Murphy's Law I guess. And routine is mostly an impossibility since I'm the stay-at-home one who has nothing but free time and therefore has to be ready and willing for whatever the family demands.

Anonymous said...

I regret to say that I still struggle with finding a routine. Free time is plentiful at the moment, but I find myself at a lose. Do I write new stories or edit the old? How do you set your schedule to include all of the writing duties? This seems to be what's keeping me from creating a routine.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

My schedule is all over the place since my MIL came to live with us, August 1st. But summers here at the lake are hectic on a normal day. I try very hard to work on at least one of my mss every day, but some days are taken up with blogging, critting and answering emails.

Sadly, if enough time goes by, getting back to my current WIP seems daunting. When it gets very bad, I go out to the balcony, lay down on the lounge chair and play the book like a DVD inside my head. Doesn't matter what scene I'm stuck on, I always start at the beginning and watch it through to where ever I've ended.

Finding the time to do this is the hard part. But it works. I've gotten myself out of more tight places by doing this.

Great post, Kim. Happy Sunday!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim. I'm just now trying to get caught up after the laptop fiasco that plagued me for the past few weeks.

I love writing in the dark. Early morning, late at night, with headphones on and with loon songs in the background. Weird, I know. But I think I do best with no visual distractions. I guess that's why I used to go to bed at 8 and rise at 4 am. It worked! And for a long time, it was the ONLY quiet time in the house!

Hope you're writing furiously as I type this!

Unknown said...

It took me 46 yrs in my mind to get the courage up to start writing and seeing a good friend get her first book published. I dont have a place yet and maybe that's why I am having problems steering the wheel of the story. My whole family are either writers of some sort, artists or craftmen. Creativity flows thru our veins. One thing most of my siblings can all agree on is we like to write. Now I need to listen, watch and take in what others are saying on how to start it, make it part of you and to finish it. So that's what the newby is doing. This is the first group of people where I feel it's ok to be unkown. Making a little harder right now finding that place is we have just moved and have a new young grandson too. Between working full time, grandchildren in between it's hard to find those quite times. Right now I am locked in the office at home while my youngest grandson is giving a his grandpa a run for his money! I have 2 adult girls and 3 granchildren from the oldest. They are ages 11,7 and 1.8 months. I have to rescue my husband now. See you all later. Oh some of what I am personally can be read on Write What you feel! by SStorrie 1963

Unknown said...

I think I finally found my inspiration is writing my blog and how I feel each day which leads to storys, concerns and anything else a normal person may think but not say. At some point there will be enough there to piece together my book. But the biggest Inspiration comes from the comments, good and bad, seeing and relating to both sides and getting my first rating. Not a 1.but a 5.with a very good read remark. I will take that as a sign my instincts should always be my motivation. Be true to yourself and write when the ispiration flows. To the person who said dont worry about the grammar or spelling, write the way we communicate to each other "Bravo!" that made me get up and write. I love this group. It creates a place of being free and acceptance for all writing techniques. Thanks Marta and the rest of the gang! This Newbie always finds something interesting here. I give you a number 1.