Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drawing attention to yourself--or not

Okay, this one is for the ladies (I would be willing to bet!) but guys are welcome to read and smile.

There is a site I stumbled upon about Feng Shui Fashion. I am certainly no fashion diva, but this interested me because I am planning book signings for the future and am interested in whatever will be helpful. If you are planning this too, or maybe you are going to be on a panel at a conference, or a speaking engagement, this one will aid in how you select clothes for the occasion.

1. Wear red to attract attention to yourself. It is a well-known fact that wearing red is considered a power play. It says you are in charge and know your stuff.

2. Wear orange to promote unity, perhaps when on a panel and wishing people to understand that you are a team player. Don’t wear it when you wish to stand out from the others, however.

3. Wear yellow to bring clarity and brighten things up. It’s a sure fact that some people are tired and sleepy during long workshops, so yellow keeps things focused.

4. Wear green to exhibit intelligence as it is the color of growth and development. Great for workshops and teaching sessions

5. Wear blue to get people to become involved. It helps people stand up and speak their minds.

There are plenty of other colors listed if you are more interested in this Feng Shui approach to your apparel, and you can find it here:

And once again, you are smiling and saying, yes, this is why I love to visit Murder by 4. They have the darndest posts! *SMILE *

If finding out what to wear for such occasions wasn’t enough, I have solved another dilemma for you—tidbits to keep in mind when speaking publicly.
Sixty Public Speaking Tip-bits to keep you ahead of the speaking game

And if you find that you do have a few speaking arrangements, be sure and come back and tell us whether any of this * ahem * scientific methodology worked for you!


Marta Stephens said...

What a great post!! LOL The right color certainly does make a difference! I have to ask you though, is that a picture of you when you got your firsts contract? LOL

Kim Smith said...

ROFL!!!!! too funny :) and the answer is heckfire I wish I had been that young when I started writing! (who knows, maybe I was?)

Sheila Deeth said...

Fascinating, though it sounds like we should wear rainbows, which might be distracting.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Heh, heh. Okay, the one guy in our group is weighing in.

I almost always wear nice khakis and a dark shirt. But on top of those character-less colors, I always flash a genunine smile at every one who comes within earshot and make conversation. "Where are you guys from?" "Want some free chocolate? It's Dove, the good stuff!" "Isn't it a gorgeous day?" The conversation starters don't have to be deep, just anything to engage your prospective friends/buyers into a nice chat. I love the meeting and greeting as much as the selling. There are so many interesting folks out there, it's always a pleasure to get to meet some of them in a booksigning. :o)

s.w. vaughn said...

Aww, lookit the cute little monster! :-)

This is really interesting, especially the part about wearing orange if you don't want to call attention to yourself. I always notice people wearing orange...