Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Top 5 Excuses for Not Writing This Summer

It isn't that I won't be writing at all, of course. It's just that I tend, through no fault of my own, to write less in the summer months. The rest of the world conspires to drag me from my cave and force me to engage in participatory activities. These are my excuses . . .

5. Someone has said to me, "Blah blah BEACH blah blah" or "blah blah blah POOL blah." I can't resist the opportunity to immerse myself in lovely, lovely water for a few hours (even if it's freezing. You go numb eventually anyway.)

4. My neighbor's horse has escaped again, and is standing in my yard munching on my grass, which apparently tastes better over here. Who can resist a freakin' HORSE standing right in your yard? I have to go out and pet Rambo, and feed him bread, and make sure he found a good grass spot. He might be lonely.

3. My son is A) bored, B) really bored, and/or C) has found, learned or discovered something SO AMAZING that I must see it and/or watch him do it RIGHT THIS MINUTE, before it disappears forever.

2. Rock Band. Who can resist the ultimate party game - it's karaoke that you can win!

1. Fireflies, s'mores, hammock naps, summer storms, blooming lilacs, sun-warmed cats, bonfires, picnics, outdoor card games, tag, giant Frisbees, frogs in buckets, somersaults down the hill, a walk in the woods, a warm star-studded sky at two in the morning, wishing dandelions, climbing trees, drive-in movies, and a million little beautiful things in this world that are best appreciated when the weather is good, there's no school, and you can pretend you never have to grow up and worry about the winter electric bills, shoveling the driveway, and slogging to work for another day.

So ... what's your excuse?


Shirley said...

It's very difficult to type while munching on any kind of ice cream on a stick or in a cone!

Kim Smith said...

UM. You about covered it :)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Ice-cream, water, and too much sunlight isn't good for the monitor. In fact, they're dangerously bad.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

The lure of the garden has been interrupting my writing flow this week. So many weeds to pull, so many flowers to photograph... and the birdsongs fill me with such joy each morning that it's hard to resist closing up the laptop and running outside! I loved your reasons, SW, especially that of Rambo! How cool is that? (I miss my horses, can ya tell?)