Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Something Fun

Forgive me . . . I'm a little strung out on writing topics at the moment. If you have never been "on submission" (this is the period of time where your agent has sent your manuscript out to editors, and you are waiting to hear whether or not some sucker - er, publishing professional will actually pay you money for making things up), let me assure you that it is the most nerve-wracking experience you will ever undergo as a writer.

Except for the querying process, the wait between acceptance and publication, your first bad review, and - well, actually writing. Oh God. Is there any good news? Well, I think the good news is that your nerves will eventually become so damaged, nothing will bother you any more. Writers could be involved in a horrendous car accident, and the only thing they'd be worried about as the ambulance crew is prying them from smoking, twisted metal is whether their laptop or Blackberry survived, in case they miss an important e-mail.

Anyway! Thought I'd post something fun today. For your viewing pleasure:


Definition: Wacky people who sneak into the background and ruin your nice little picture. Enjoy!

*NSFW! Also, make sure you put your drink down before you click on the link. :-)


Marta Stephens said...

A huge congrats on making it to the final wait!!! Almost there, almost there.

All I could think of when I looked through those photos was, "Please, God, don't let me see my kids in any of these!" Good to know prayers are still answers. :) Yours will be too!!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I've been walking/running beside you for the last few amazing years,and this is as exciting as the day you got signed by the HUGE NYC agent. As you know, I brag about you all the time, and someday in the very near future, I'll be able to add to my list when your current sub gets picked up for book, film, and toy rights. LOL! Can't wait to hold all your books in my hand and have them all lined up on my shelf.