Thursday, May 15, 2008

Conversation with an inanimate object

Okay so I have been tres busy with little bitty other things aside from blogging these days and so I am not prepared for my Thursday tirade. I have a very ingenious mind though and decided to open the window of my office and let you in on a conversation I just had with my latest acquisition. An angel plant. As some of you know my book title is Avenging Angel, so my hubby's dear cousin bought me an angel plant to say congrats on the book.

But I digress.

The conversation went something like this:

So, little AP (short for angel plant) - what do you think? Nice place, huh? Gotta window for you right here, got plenty of air, light, water, the works. Think you'll like it?

AP: uh-uh. Not a chance.

Me: Why? I think it's a pretty decent place for a little potted guy.

AP: hey! don't you be casting disparaging remarks, you ain't so big yerself.

Me: Ah, a bit touchy, aren't we?

AP: ha! you try squatting in a planter all day.

Me: oh quit complaining. You don't have to do anything but sit there and soak up nutrients and look good. I brought you here to be cheery. You've hardly made it to semi-pleasant.

AP: Least I get noticed.

Me: What? Were you grown next to an acorn tree? You're nuts!

AP: hmm.. you're the one talking to me, sister.

And so on it went. I guess you could say I learned something from my office today. I hope you feel the love over here. :)

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