Thursday, May 31, 2012

Voice: To be or not to be

Don't you love catchy titles like the one above? I do too, and always strive to do something fun with them. I even do this with books, but I digress. This is not the subject for today's blog post.

Rather, voice is. And in case you never noticed, my blog posts are done in my voice, and my books are also. How do I know? Well, they sound like me. Sort of.

No, you cannot capture voice as dialog, because to read how one really talks would be tedious to say the least, but rather, voice is the nuance of our personality. Yes, I am a very fun person. Yes, my voice is fun. That is sort of why some folks say "that Kim, she is a young adult author, she has that kind of voice". Okay, maybe fun doesn't make me sound that way, but maybe YOUNG is the focus.

I write in a young, carefree voice. Even when I write deep dark horror, it sounds fun, or young.

So, what does your writing voice sound like?


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Very true, Kim. You are the epitome of a fun voice, a young voice, an easy-on-the-ears voice. I love your voice and I even wrote about it in my review for one of your books. ;o)

Apparently my voice tends to sound like an artist. At least according to one of my recent reviews, which said occasionally my "adult artist" voice sneaked into my upcoming YA/adult book, "Don't Let the Wind Catch You." Guess I can't help it, LOL. I also think maybe my voice is warm, nonjudgmental, and prone to some gushing about nature or food. ;o)

Have a great day!

Kim Smith said...

The cool thing is, our voice is really ours. No one can have a voice like we can. So enjoy!!