Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blogging is hard work

Today, if you are an author, you probably have a blog. Blogs rose to fame and fortune about five years back, when websites really came into vogue. An author could grab a reader via their website, and keep them reading by the means of a blog. Between websites, blogs, and forum boards, you could reach a great number of folks who were potential readers.

I have so many of the critters I am nearly blogged out. I have a blog that is for Christians, a blog for writers, my website is now a blog, and I used to have bloglike sites at LiveJournal, and other writing sites.

And some people believe that the day of the blog has come and gone and that blogging is dead. (I think it is authors such as myself who are just dog-dead tired of blogging to too many sites!) But with the numbers *stats* so good with all of mine, including this one, I do not know that this belief has any footing.

I will say that people seem to be getting their news about books, and the authors they love, on other sites such as Facebook, and Twitter. The problem I am having with all this is that I can only post tidbits there. I cannot get very verbose in 140 characters. I do, however participate in these sites as well.

And lately, unless I follow a certain blog, I am not going out looking for new ones to read, but that is me. You may be different. Do you have a blog? Do you update it regularly? Have you seen a decrease in followers?

In today's heavily competitive world of writing, I think it certainly couldn't hurt to have as many opportunities to shout out your work's merits as you can find, so for me for now, a blog continues. And there are a lot of choices today for bloggers to decorate their site, and personalize it- and oh this is good, MONETIZE it--but--that in itself is another blog post.

Happy Thursday, Murderers!


Jeremy Bates said...

I think blogging is not dead, it's like all the fads online, now everyone is into social networking and less people are reading and updating their blogs.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim. You're so right - it is very hard work! Especially when one would rather be writing fiction. But then again, if we want to contribute to the community and perhaps gain some notice out there, we've gotta forge onward. I'm very proud of this particular blog - I do believe we've made a difference in writers' and readers' lives. We share a lot of skills and advice here as well as referring some darned good books for them to check out. Keep up the good work!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Aaron, and I agree. Mb4 has done so well, it's truly a blessing. Jeremy, I think so too, and surely hope so as I keep starting NEW ones!!