Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video Blogs - do they work for you?

Hi, folks.

Have you noticed the proliferation of video blogs cropping up lately? Now that we can easily record ourselves with the latest and greatest laptops and smart phones, the medium has become more accessible for all. With You Tube being a defacto part of our lives and every other citizen owning an iPhone, iPad, or other cool tablet, the amount of videos one can watch is almost overwhelming!

I've watched a few recent auhors video blogs lately, and I'm not sure I prefer them to the written word. It can be somewhat distracting if you notice the fuzzy audio, reflections on folks' glasses, or sounds like traffic or other people in the background.

When I think about doing such a blog, I worry about being able to articulate as eloquently as I (hope) I might write it. I'd probably have to record them in the early morning when it's quiet around the house, and then I wonder about crazy things like pillow creases on my cheeks, dogs barking (my dogs love to watch out the window and bark at joggers or bicyclists), or my morning froggy voice.

I also worry that it would be obvious that I'm reading a text on my screen - that could sound stilted and it might be distracting to see "a guy reading" rather than "a guy talking to me." Know what I mean?

What do you think?

Have you tried it? Do you intend to? Would you care about what you wore or what room in the house you record in? Could you record outside, or would you have to worry about the birdsongs and passing tractors?

Fill us in on your experiences, below. And remember, if you love to write, write like the wind!

Aaron Paul Lazar

Note: above photo was just found in my files and was snapped in the 80s in Germany on the bridge looking over Neu Schwanstein Castle. ;o)

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