Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writing Prompts

Recently, I read an article about writing fiction using themes. You know what I mean, like, love conquers all. That is a theme. And the article went on to tell you how not to do it badly, or overdo it. It made me think about other tools available to get a story going. And there are SO many tools, including the one of using prompts. Now, I happen to love prompts. I can write an entire short story using a prompt. The thing about prompts is: you don't have to build the whole story around a prompt. It is to PROMPT a story from you. You start the story using the prompt. It is up to your mind and creativity to finish it your way.

So, here is your assignment, if you choose to accept it. It is a long weekend for most of us, and if you are not going anywhere out of town, write a short story using one of these prompts. If you do well, you could find a home for it at Amazon, or Smashwords, and you could make money at it. (everyone is making money, why not you?)

Okay, here ya go:

Leaving home for college. Use fall weather as a backdrop, to elicit mood.
Camping with your parents and use a lot of teen angst because no kid WANTS to camp with Mom and Dad.
A zoo scene. This could be thrilling like Jurassic Park, yeah?
A historical event from the perspective of someone who saw it firsthand (You will have to do some research for this- but I just listened to a podcast on NPR-books about a guy who lived through the Camer Rouge invasion and with the help of a young lady who wrote, turned out a YA book that will knock your socks off)
You do something you feel is wrong - maybe it is or isn't but YOU think it is.

Above all that, have fun. Enjoy your weekend!
Happy Memorial Day, murderers!

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks, Kim! I might just do this - funny, but my next Tall Pines mystery is going to be about teens disappearing from campsites in the Adirondacks - I believe I'll call it Murder on the Sacandaga. ;o) I could use this prompt to get my juices flowing on the next story. Thanks, Kim!