Sunday, May 13, 2012

Do you miss the little green marble?

Hi, folks!

Do you remember when we held a contest to name Healey's Cave? We had so much fun. I had originally entitled the first book in Moore Mysteries The Green Marble, because, after all, that little glowing piece of glass was the common feature that would tie all the books together. But my publisher opted for Healey's Cave, and I'm delighted to report that the title has done the book justice, it seems. We've been gathering awards this year like mad, and I'm just so happy to see that folks like the story. Here are some of the cool awards Healey's Cave has won:

WINNER 2012 EPIC Book Awards, BEST Paranormal *  WINNER 2011 Eric Hoffer BEST Book, COMMERCIAL FICTION * FINALIST Global eBook Awards 2011

If you miss that little green marble, now you can visit with it again in the sequel to Healey's Cave, Terror Comes Knocking. We also held a contest for this title, remember? I had originally entitled it One Potato, Blue Potato, because of an underlying theme that really matched the concept of potatoes not of the "usual" color. But my publisher wanted to focus on the idea that this story really was about terrorism hitting Sam Moore's little country village of Conaroga, NY, so we chose Terror Comes Knocking, thanks to reader Don Harman from Charlotte, NC.