Friday, December 18, 2009

Interview with Rocco Martino, author of "Cancel Christmas!"

I've recently had a chance to interview author Rocco Martino, a trained astrophysics as well as an international authority on finance, planning, space flight, computer systems, and a former educator. After writing 20 non-fiction books, Martino has just published his first work of fiction and you can read all about this man’s fascinating career and writing journey today on Novel Works .

CANCEL CHRISTMAS! is a modern-day retelling of A CHRISTMAS CAROL that examines how unscrupulous plans can be hatched against the will of the people using taxpayer money to hoodwink and thwart opposition.

Ultimately, the book - a sharp satire interspersed with humor and a little romance - proves that Christmas is an attitude of mind shared by many people, that it does a lot of good, and shouldn't be altered. The greed of a single person must never be allowed to subvert the function of government so that one person's profit can be achieved at the expense of many.

Book blurb for CANCEL CHRISTMAS:

CANCEL CHRISTMAS will make you laugh and make you angry. It could happen. Greed, ambition, and the misuse of taxpayer money are nothing new. This book depicts the classic struggle between might and right; and between raw power and thoughtful evaluation. For some, the will of the people doesn’t matter since ‘people don’t count’ as one major character says in the book.”

Stop by if you have a minute and learn more about Rocco Martino and his new novel, CANCEL CHRISTMAS! It's definitely on my must read list now!

About the Author:
Dr. Rocco Martino is an international authority on finance, planning, space flight and computer systems. Trained in astrophysics, this rocket scientist was one of the creators of the computer age. He has traveled the world and served many of the largest organizations and governments on the globe. He is a keen observer of the world about us all. He has written newspaper columns, novels, plays, and technical works. He has authored twenty works of non-fiction and one other novel. He uses his knowledge of the inner workings of government and business, together with a lot of humor, to punctuate his message.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

A Christmas Carol is on my top 5 best books list. I'll definitely check out CANCEL CHRISTMAS. Thanks!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks for sharing Dr. Martino and his book with us!

s.w. vaughn said...

This sounds interesting! Thanks. :-)