Monday, December 7, 2009

Cool Writing Opportunities On the Horizon

Thought writers might be interested in learning about a few opportunities available to them.

Cookbook planned featuring favorite of mystery writers.

Friend and fellow writer, Susan Whitfield is planning to compile a cookbook during 2010 called "Killer Recipes."

She wants the book to feature favorites of mystery writers, hence, the title. Below each recipe, she will feature the author’s name, published titles, and his/her website. If there are duplicate recipes, she’ll publish all contributors with that recipe. For more information, please contact Susan at .  She hopes to organize and get Killer Recipes published no later than October 2010.


"Once Again With Feeling" e-zine looking to publish previously published short stories.

Susie Hawes would like to reprint your story or a nonfiction article/book review/interview for her new ezine, Once Again With Feeling. She will publish it quarterly with the launch in mid January. It will specialize in reprints. No pay, but the e-zine will publicize your work. The idea is to bring work back that hasn't been seen for a while and is worth a second (third, etc.) viewing.

The ideal story is one you have posted in public, like on your web site, or one you don't intend to send out for a while. Stories intended for a pay publication are not eligible. Please send a bio: 300 to 500 words, and any photos, banners, book cover art or links to sites you want to show off. For more information e-mail Susie at:


There following are reprinted from an e-zine developed by C. Hope Clark of Funds For Writers


$20 ENTRY FEE (includes a one-year subscription) Deadline January 15, 2010. First prize $250. Second prize $150. Third prize $100. Honorable mentions. Send a postcard along with a story that relates to the image. The relationship can be as tangential as you like, so long as there is some clear connection to the image or place. Maximum length: 500 words, fiction or non-fiction. Winning entries will be published in Geist and at



The Micro Award is presented annually to a work of prose fiction written in English, not above 1,000 words in length. Poetry, performance scripts, non-fiction, translated fiction, excerpts from longer works of fiction, and visual art with literary texts are all ineligible. Deadline January 7, 2010. Winner receives $100.


BackHome is a down-to-earth, how-to magazine whose primary purpose is to help people gain more control over their own lives by doing more for themselves. We are looking for

interesting, lively, preferably first-person articles based upon actual experience in the fields of gardening, home construction and repair, workshop projects, cooking, crafts, outdoor recreation, family activities and vacations, livestock, home business, home-based and other education,

and community/ neighborhood action. Pays $35 per printed page with a $25 kill fee.


Tells the real stories of the people who lived and grew up in "the good old days" (about 1935-1965). Accept seasonal stories year 'round, from holidays to harvest, shivarees to maple-sugaring. Looks for real stories; happy, sad, the good, the bad. Humor is always a plus. Preferred word length is 500-1,500 words. Payment generally ranges from $20-$100.


Kim Smith said...

Great info Marta! I will have to check these out!

s.w. vaughn said...

Ooh, the micro award sounds cool! Of course, I suck at short fiction. LOL But I might have something kicking around to try.