Thursday, October 16, 2008

Interview with Shannon Wallace

Since I am away at the Muse Online Writer’s Conference this week, I took the liberty of interviewing my character, Shannon Wallace, as a little insider peek for you friends and fans of the book coming out soon from Red Rose Publishing.

It was a great exercise and I think I learned a bit about Shannon myself.

Tell us a little about your latest escapade and why it ended up in a book?

Oh, that. Well, I have to say that I’ve made a few bad decisions in my life, and this was the outcome of a couple of them. I think I have learned my lesson though. I realize through the writing of this book that friends are friends forever and usually we can do very little to ruin our friendship if we are honest.

How do you balance your work life and personal life?

Well, that would be an easy question except for lately my work life HAS BEEN my personal life. I sort of date my boss. That is not a bad thing though, no matter what anyone says. I mean we are a pretty green couple. We carpool, we brown-bag, and we recycle.

Do you follow a regular routine, or are you a seat of the pants sort of character?

No, unfortunately I am too scrambled in the amount of time I have to do much of a routine. If I get up in time, I might curl my hair. If I have time, I might get on a treadmill. I barely remember to take my vitamins, and brush my teeth most days.

Do you ever lie, cheat, or steal?

Cough, cough. Why? Who has told you to ask that question? I might, but I have to have a pretty good reason for it. Course it might be questionable as to the value of my reasons.

Music soothes the soul, what is your favorite?

Well, if my soul needs soothing, I usually need heavy metal. I mean, I like angry music to soothe me. If I am just casually listening then anything from Celtic to Country will do.

What sort of television show do you like?

I am totally into the comedies and the reality shows. They take my mind off my own troubles.

If you could interview any person living or dead, who would it be and why? What would you ask?

Oh, for sure, I would have to interview my parents. I mean I want to know whatever possessed them to try to outrun a freaking tornado. I mean who does that?? And to tell them thanks for birthing me, even if they did check out of the whole parent plaza way too early in the game.

What is your religious affliation?

I am Christian. What does that look mean? I am! I haven’t been to a real church in a long time, but I believe in Jesus and God and all that. I would be afraid something bad would happen to me if I didn’t. Come to think of it, wonder if that is why my parents were taken up in a dust devil tornado? Did they believe?

Are you registered to vote? What is your party favorite?

I have sort of neglected to vote as I am one of those who really does NOT want to do jury duty. I spend enough time on my own in the police station and at courthouses. I am not up for doing it out of civic duty.

Thanks Shannon for helping me out with my blog post today. I hope you all will join us as we kick off our adventure in the world of Wallace soon in Avenging Angel.

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Wow, what a thrill to hear from THE Shannon Wallace today! I've heard so much about you, and read some of Kim's chapters with you featured in them, but never got to hear from you directly. I can't wait to buy the book about your adventures - Kim says it's coming out soon! Thanks, Shannon, for taking the time to do this interview!