Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shannon Wallace's Diary

Kim Smith is the author of Avenging Angel, a 2008 release from Enspiren Press. If you want to know what has the main character Shannon Wallace so angsty, be sure to check out Avenging Angel soon!

Dear Diary,

Last night I dreamed of a death. Not just any old death either, a really bloody, mangly one. Dwayne says his granny always told him when someone dreams of a death it means there will be a birth. Ha! Not this girl. Maybe someone I know has gotten preggers and I am not aware of it yet, but it ain't me.

I told him we need some time away from South Lake. All this mess that has gone on is ruining the place. He handed me his camera and said, "Go take a walk. Get me some photos of something I can use." So I did.

Here's what South Lake looks like in the spring.

People are pretty God-fearing, even if murders do happen. More around me than anywhere.

Azaleas are hot yard art

and little bitty flowers pop up in every yard until someone runs a John Deere over them.

My favs are the azaleas though... definitely.

And that is my nature walk.

I sure hope Dwayne gets out of the shower soon. I am bored to tears and afraid to go into town alone. Although Aunt Til and Aunt Nan will be at the restaurant already, I am just a bundle of nerves. Maybe I will write more in here tonight.


S. Harper said...

Hey Shannon, didn't mean to read your diary, but ... you did leave it out for anyone walking in to look at it. What’s going on? Dwayne been up to his usual? I don’t know how many times I told you to dump the guy. You can do better.

So, want to talk about it? I mean ... what's making you a bundle of nerves? Must be hell to be too frightened to go into town alone. I’d like to help if I can. Give me a call. You know how to reach me.


Kim Smith said...

Mr. Harper,
Jeez, thanks for stopping by and ... well, visiting. Now you know that it ain't like that twixt Dwayne and me. We're partners, sort of. He's just not totally convinced we need a vacation from killings. Not yet. But I'll convince him. Just you wait.
Stop in again some time. Maybe you can help me, always good to have another's view point. Shannon

S. Harper said...

Hmmm. Now where did I get the idea you two were ... okay, never mind, I get it. It’s none of my business, right?

I know how it is when you and your partner don't see eye to eye though. My partner Dave Mann and I just wrapped up a complicated case. We didn't agree on everything either. Makes things tough. Eventually we do, but it makes getting there a lot harder. We’ve solved the case, by the way. It on the captain's desk for review. Won't go to court for several months yet. Let’s hope the jury sees things our way. ;)

Any time, Shannon. Any time.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Shannon - we've been dying to get to know you here on MB4, and are honored that you've shared a bit of your day with us. Loved the flower pix, I'm a nature walk nut, as you know, too! But I'm worried about you and wonder what's going on in town to scare you so?? Is someone stalking you? Are they after you? I'm glad you've got Dwayne and Sam to keep an eye on you. Let us know what happens, okay?

Kim Smith said...

Hey there! glad to see you here. Yes, I am just a goose on the loose about this whole situation. The someone is a freak who likes to leave messages of all varieties for me to find. He's trying to scare me, but as long as my friends and family keep me going, I'll manage. For now.
Hope to see you on a walk sometime !