Sunday, April 13, 2008

Message from Gus LeGarde

Welcome, dear readers.

Aaron asked me to write this introduction. I must say, it feels a bit strange knowing you may read about the private and most painful aspects of my life.

In Double Forté, you’ll learn about my first love, Elsbeth, who died in a manner most unfitting such an ethereal and fiery spirit. I still picture her brooding eyes and delicate fingers each time I play a Chopin mazurka. She shouldn’t have died so young. She shouldn’t have died at all.

You’ll experience my childhood summers in Maine, through Tremolo, and the mystery of the missing little girl who haunted my dreams. Though I dearly loved Loon Harbor and the camp my grandparents ran on the lake, 1964 was a most challenging summer.

Now my life is out there–literally an open book–ready to be celebrated or ridiculed by millions of strangers. You’ll know what feasts I cook for my family, what variety of beets I grow in the garden, what games I play with my grandchildren, and how nuts I am about my dog.

You’ll watch me chase villains through the wintry woods and rescue a mute child from an icy hillside. You’ll hop back in time to my days in Boston, where I wrote the musical "Spirit Me Away," showcased in Upstaged. You’ll feel my pain when I recount the days just before my father died. And you’ll peek into my hotel room in Paris when I consummate my second marriage.

It’s pretty scary.

Should I have let Aaron write these books?

He convinced me that in addition to providing literary amusement, it would also set a great example for mankind. That in the face of the media explosion of sex and violence, folks craved wholesome entertainment. They wanted to be reminded how to nurture one’s family, be one with nature, live for the greater good, and stand up to evil.

Was he right?

I don’t know. But he says he gets lots of fan mail at aaron.lazar at He tells me the ladies want to marry me. And that some of the guys have written to thank him for reminding them about the importance of stopping corporate madness to spend time with a child or to take walks in the woods with their dog. And I guess they all get a bit of a thrill from all the chase scenes.

Folks stop me in the market and ask if Aaron embellishes the stories to make them sell. I have to admit that he does–just a little–my house really isn’t as clean as he portrays it. And sometimes dirty clothes reach for the ceiling in the laundry room. Mrs. Pierce tries her best, but we are a very lively and messy family.

Well, Johnny’s calling me to help him catch fireflies. I can’t disappoint him.

If you’re interested in buying some of Aaron’s mysteries, you can order them online or at your local bookstore, or drop him a line. He keeps boxes of them around the house, too, and loves to autograph them to send to readers. And he’s a real ham. So if you have a book club or library event that needs a literary guest, contact him. He really gets into it.

God Bless,

Gus LeGarde


Read Excerpts from Gus LeGarde mysteries:

and the first in the Sam Moore, green marble series:

Three books featured above are available for purchase. Healey's Cave (the first in the paranormal mystery series featuring Sam Moore) and Mazurka are in the final stages of publishing and should be available by summer 2008. There are also seven additional books, either in the publishing queue or with available rights.

And remember, take pleasure in the little things. Listen to the details: the crackle of the woodstove as it cools, the soft rustle of grass beneath your feet, the whisper of breath when a baby sighs in sleep... Absorb the beauty around you, whether it's the flash of love in an old woman's eye, or the fragile petal of a tiny orange cinquefoil. Let them sink into your soul, for they will provide untold comfort in the years to come.

- Aaron Paul Lazar


Kim Smith said...

*rubbing hands together* ahhhh.... so many books- so little time!

S. Harper said...

Hey Gus,

Good to hear from you, man. I know what you mean about finding balance in life. Wish I could get away from the violence myself. You know how it goes though. It's up to guys like me to get the creeps off the streets so people, especially little kids, can feel safe at night.

Next time I drive through your neck of the woods again, I'll call.

See ya.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hello, Kim. How's the weather down south right about now? Do you have daffodils coming up yet? And I'll bet you could share some great recipes with us Northerners, too. I'm ready and waiting!

Sam - great to hear from you. I really enjoyed our last visit, and want you to know you have an open invitation to dinner any time. Pretty soon the garden will be going again, and we can offer you a variety of treats. Hey - did you ever solve that crime that traced back to Silver Lake? Call me.

s.w. vaughn said...

Wonderful to hear from you, Gus! I intend to drop by one of these days for dinner. You don't mind if I bring along a few friends, do you?

They won't bite. Much.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Ah... SW. I imagine you are referring to the infamous Jenner and perhaps a Morai or two. I believe Aaron has had nightmares after meeting these folks, so I will try to be prepared. Should I send the children away?

S. Harper said...

Hey, don't worry about the kids, Gus. I met Jenner a couple of years ago after that joker did a job on him -- almost felt sorry for the guy – tied up – cut and bruised all over. Relax, I said, "almost." But I have to admit, sometimes it’s tempting to let street scum take care of their own. Know what I mean?

Any way, you have my cell. Call the minute those characters drop in on you. I'll be there -- count on it. And by the way, tell Mrs. Pierce I’m in the mood for some more of her apple pie, will ya?


Jenner said...

I am taking notes . . .

Detective Harper, I believe your theory has merit. Absolutely, you should leave Mr. Mendez to me.

Mr. LeGarde, you certainly have nothing to fear from me, nor do your children. Though I admit I would not "drop by" at all, were it not for a certain infuriating young man who insists that I yet possess some degree of humanity, and further, that I should accompany him to the ends of the earth if necessary.

I do so only to prevent him from soiling my reputation with his incurable good will.

S. Harper said...

No disrespect, Jenner, but it seems a shame you think that having some degree of humanity will soil your reputation. Seems to me you should take that kid’s advice and see where it takes you. You might even surprise yourself.

Oh yeah, and just so you know, I'm keeping my own set of notes. See ya around.


Kim Smith said...

Why yes, yes we do, in fact, if you want a great fried green tomato recipe, you just holler :)

Jenner said...

Really, Detective Harper. You presume much. I know myself far better than I would ever permit another living soul to discover - least of all Angel.

I understand you are the former patient of a colleague of mine, though she does not seem to have assisted you in any meaningful way. Perhaps you should schedule an appointment with me, or with my kohai. You seem to have a few issues that remain unaddressed.

However, I do admire your forthrightness and determination. There are few who would speak to me in such a manner as you. O daiji ni, Detective - until we meet again, in this life or the next.

S. Harper said...

I deal in facts, Jenner. You of all people should know that. Who you let into your life is your business, but when men like you take it to the streets, it’s mine. And that colleague of yours, why doesn’t it surprise me you know the Doc? She wouldn’t know meaningful if it dropped on her lap.

Until next time, Jenner. Until next time.

Sam Harper

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Gentlemen - I can see our dinner will be most interesting. And maybe I should start taking notes to keep track of all this tension!

Jenner, if you bring Angel (and I hope you will), perhaps I can take him outside and introduce him to Siegfried. I think Angel might enjoy the cathartic nature of caring for animals and farm life. It would be quite a shock after what he's been through and life at his gym in the city, but I have a feeling it would be good for him. And I have actually read Vaughn's accounts of your trials. I must say, even though it's fun to pretend to be intimidated by you, I grew very intrigued by your past and all that you've suffered. I've suffered great losses, too. I think we may have more in common that one might expect.

Sam - why don't you bring that special young lady you mentioned last time? Jennie? Is that her name? Perhaps she'd enjoy a trip to the Genesee Valley. Does she like wine? The wineries around here abound, and our specialty is Riesling. I'll buy some and have it ready for the visit so you can try it. Perhaps after a few glasses we can reduce your tension and get some interesting conversations going between you and Jenner.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Kim - I always have tons of green tomatoes in the garden in the end of the season. I'd love to try your recipe! And maybe your Angel can stop by to join the party? Does she like to cook?

Kim Smith said...

aww Shannon Wallace? COOK? you must be kidding -- no way man. She leaves that to her aunties, who own that fabulous restaurant, Tillies' Home Cookin' IT'S GOOOOOD!!! -- but I will be happy to send a recipe your way :) because I do love to cook when I have time.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

You know, Kim, we're all anxious to learn more about Shannon. I haven't bought the book you wrote about her yet ('cause it's not available for a few more months). Why don't you tell us a bit about her? Better yet, invite her to our dinner.

s.w. vaughn said...

Whoa. Down, Jenner...

I have to apologize for him (because he won't do it himself). He's more apt to speak his mind than I am, and he won't listen to anyone--

(Shut up, Angel. He doesn't listen to you either.)

Anyway! Sorry about that, folks. Carry on. :-)