Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do ya FEEL me?

Like most authors, I work a day job.

It’s not terrible, but it’s not always fun. I’m a network administrator for a small remanufacturing company. In the course of a day, I work with sales, marketing, purchasing, and accounting (yes, that IS everyone). They don’t argue when I tell them what is wrong, but often don’t do as I say. I call them my “work children”. I do a ton of things for them, and with them, and if I am lucky, on some days, the time passes quickly. Ahem. Mostly, it doesn’t. Mostly I wanna be writing and sunning myself on a tropical isle. Oh, if only.

Anyway, most writers run into this situation (work life versus home i.e. writing life), and it’s something to consider, especially if you want to go this thing whole-hog. You know, if you are working on a writing “career”.
You will either be so good at what you do, or so weighed with commitments that you don’t know how you will ever manage to keep working to make that paycheck. Because it ain’t all about the writing sometimes. There is the promo stuff, too. Websites, blogs, and social sites will eat your time away, too.

But my day job is killing my writing time. That’s it, folks. Bare bottom line. I used to be able to sneak in writing time at work, but that has been killed since July of last year, when a lady at work had a motorcycle accident and some of her work-load got shifted to mine. I actually have written entire short stories at work in the past and now wonder if I ever will be that free again. Dadgumit, if other people can look at the ‘net or play games, I can at least write, right?

I do not know if there is a way out of my certain conundrum but I hope so. I hope maybe I have enough friends and fans to buy books and get me that dream of staying at home one day. Who knows? It could happen!

So, this is my “do ya feel me?” post of the week. I know I am not alone. In fact, all my buds here at MB4 have jobs, too.

Until we all say “I quit” – I hope you have a good one. Keep writing folks!

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Oh yeah, I'm so with you on this. Occasionally I can get a little me time in work - over lunch or a break here or there. It's something I look forward to all day long. I crave the life we all dream of so badly. Oh, to be financially independent, stay at home with the extended family, write 'til my fingers scream "stop!", cook great meals for the fam, garden so that my weeds are gone and all the beds look luscious... you get the picture. Oh, yeah, and to be able to walk every day in the country and take incredible photos... sigh. I love that dream, and I'm not giving up 'til it's reality!! Thanks, Kim. It's nice to know how much we all share.