Thursday, October 17, 2013

Remaking me

Gosh, it seems like as a writer we are constantly trying to keep our writing lives going from one thing to the next. Lately, I have been to events for writers, and booksignings and so on and it really opens my eyes to the fact that we have a CRUSHING amount of competition out there.

So, what do you think an author has to do to stand out today?


Terry W. Ervin II said...

At a book signing event and even, to an extent, a solid, interest-catching cover makes a difference.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim.

Recently I've been revamping my promo campaigns. I'm spending some money to do so, but I'm hoping it will bear fruit! I must say I have been particularly impressed with the way Dora Machado and Christine Amsden have orchestrated their recent promotions for their new Twilight Times Book releases. For some ridiculous reason, I never considered overlapping or making parallel my VBTs (virtual book tours). I never considered doing more than one! Silly me. I now see that with a book that appeals, with a good cover, of course excellent writing and story... if you do the following, you might have a chance of making some money:

- MULTIPLE serial and/or overlapping book tours/publicity campaigns. (I'm scheduling 4 tours for The Seacrest, using Innovative Tours, 1 month tour; Goddess Fish 1 day book blast, Twisted Book Tours 1 month, and Aileen Aroma street team and more. I might add one more. We shall see!)
- Book Gorilla (scheduled after you have a bunch of good reviews posted)
- As many as possible advance review requests, ask to have them posted ON the release day, maybe a few weeks before Book Gorilla
- Book Bub, if they will accept you.
- Goodreads giveaway (this only works for print books released in the current year or about to be released. I got over 800 entries each in two different book giveaways, good press for only the price of two print books and mailing charges.
- Goodreads ad (I followed Dina Von Lowenkrafts example here to get the cover "in the face" of readers. So far 13,000 "views", only 9 clicks, but the cover is all over there now, but only $4.50 cents spent on the ad)Remember, they say folks need to see the cover 7 times before they actually buy it!
-Facebook ad (maybe one or two times during the campaign)
- More? I may have forgotten something, but I'll keep track of it.

Hope this helps. If anyone is interested, Christine Amsden has posted reviews of virtual book tour companies on her site and also we've guest blogged them here. I will be putting up more very soon!

Unknown said...

OMG, Kim, you are so right! It's really overwhelming sometimes. I agree with all of Aaron's suggestions. In addition, I think we have to keep current, write consistently to the best of our ability, and keep doing it. No matter how daunting it is out there, we must remember why we write: because we love writing and, despite the odds, we have to tell our stories.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Beautifully said, Dora!