Thursday, February 2, 2012

The new stuff

There is something about newness that just feels good.

A new book purchase, a new car smell, a new baby.

No matter what, new just makes us take a deep breath and smile.

That's sort of where I am today. I am starting a new book, I have a new book out *see Crooked Angel* and although it will be my seventh book (yikes!) it still has that new feel. I am beginning to love where I am in life, once again, after a series of trials and turmoils. I guess you are never really prepared for situations to arise that take you out of your box.

The planning, research, outlining, and plotting of a new book is something akin to planning a vacation, although it is far from restful at times. You have so much to think about!

Here is a checklist of things to ponder as you work on a new one:
1. Who is the lead character?
2. Who is the mentor? Who is the villain?
3. Where will it be set?
4. Is it a mystery, romance, fantasy, western, thriller? etc.
5. What is it about? How will this plot carry it along for 400 or so pages?

These are only the barest of minimums for a writer to consider, but they are good ones to start with. I am really bad to just dive right in and start writing away, and it doesn't take me but about 10 pages to realize if this one will go along and survive the trip to the end or not. I have a lot of half-started things on my drive.

Here's to a prosperous Thursday to everyone. Hope your "new" thing is like a breath of spring!


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I'm with you on new stories, Kim. Oh, how I love sitting down to the next in my series. It's so exciting, so many opportunities! Have fun on this next book - is it a Shannon mystery?

Kim Smith said...

Not this time, Aaron. I am playing with this huge heroic fantasy idea, and it consumes me. I have never written anything with so much plotting and planning in it before and it's pretty exciting. We will see if it survives!