Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cover me, Kate

What is it about a luscious book cover that makes us just want to dive in the middle of the book? I have been over this a million times in my mind, and still have no answer other than photos and art call to our creative side and we just have to respond.

This is something that a lot of newer books still have to learn. The artwork is the same thing as "you never get a second chance to make a first impression"- you know ? I just can't make myself pick up a book if the art is so-so. I think artwork as a whole is undergoing a revamping these days and I am not sure it is a good thing. I mean, so many covers are repetitive. I mean come on, if you have seen one couple in a clench, in a state of half-dressedness, you have seen them all, right?

So how many covers of guns, and blood drops, and police tape can someone stand when looking for a mystery? Exactly. So, we should be mindful of the need to have covers that say something about the book inside. Something that oozes the story, and makes that reader go "ahhh" and snatch it off the shelf (real or electronic!) if for no other reason than to find out what it is all about.

I must say, the Mb4 gang has some of the best art for their books. But I am probably biased.

Who has other good art? Y'all can tell us, we want to hear what made you pick up that book!


Ron Adams said...

Great point Kim. I am crazy about the cover for the 2nd edition of Lake Effect, and the graphics people at CRP have been great to work with. I love the cover art for Jim Butcher's Desden Files series, and the Harlan Coben's novels are consistently graphically interesting as well.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I'm with you on this, Kim. Visually stimulating covers with vibrant colors do it for me - I love bright turquoise seas or skies and brilliant red/orange anything. Of course, understated and tasteful says a lot, too. ;o) Great topic!!

Terry W. Ervin II said...

I've had the pleasure of working with an artist (mainly learning from her) about what makes cover art work (the elements and placement) and the imagery that does portray the essence of the story.

You're right, you want the art to stand out--in a positive, eye-catching way. With so much choice out there, sometimes it'd the thumbnail or cover that gets the potential reader to take the next step in deciding vs. moving on.