Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking for a Writing Critique?

Hello, fellow writers!

As Marta mentioned in her new year's piece, this year Murderby4 is introducing something new!

We're trying to shake things up a bit at this blog, and we'd like to invite you to participate!

On the second Monday of every month, we're offering a free writing critique to authors who'd like to get our take on their work. We're just looking for the first 500 words of your murder mystery (or fictional piece), or an excerpt on which you're particularly interested in getting our feedback. If you're stuck on a scene, or proud of one passage - email it to me, and I'll get it around the group.

Don't worry - we will offer constructive, but kind, critiques. We're not out to make ourselves look like experts or make you feel like idiots. Honest! And we'll make sure that any comments that come along are monitored with that in mind. No prima donnas allowed - especially those who take pleasure in ripping someone apart. Not on our watch!

The coolest thing is that we'll take your writing - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. The first exercise will be posted the second Monday in March - so be sure to send yours in first if you're interested in getting in at the starting gate! We'll need to have it in our hands by the first of March to give it a fair shake with all four mystery authors.

So, if we get 12 submissions in the next few weeks, we'll take one each month - for the next year. If we get 1200, we might have to do some fast juggling, and maybe some choosing...

Be brave, and send your stuff to me. You can see the address and the list of submission requirements here. It's not complicated, I just need your selection in a Word format attached to the email, with normal looking fonts, and 500 words or less.

Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck. Remember to take pleasure in the little things, and if you love to write... write like the wind!

Warmest wishes to all,

Aaron Paul Lazar

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