Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Advice from People Who Know More Than Me

I'm out of advice today, so I'm directing you to some knowledgeable and entertaining industry folks who've said what I would say, only better:

No More Rejections - The fabulous and witty Janet Reid, super agent, tells you how to stop receiving rejections (note: if you're not familiar with Janet's style, don't click the link expecting a miraculous secret to getting published).

Why Publishing is Like Reality TV - Popular blogging agent Nathan Bransford shares what he's learned about success in writing from reality television shows (which means if you read his post, you'll get to be spared from having to watch reality TV).

Silly Things Writers (and Agents) Believe About Query Letters
- Power agent Jennifer Jackson offers up a list of superstitions that writers should overcome when sending out their queries (and gives an inside glimpse at some agent query-reading superstitions too).

And finally, a wonderful helping hand extended to the writing community...

For Christmas This Year: Your Book - Mysterious and fun no-longer-assistant editor Moonrat offers everyone with a published book the opportunity for inclusion in her holiday gift-giving suggestion list. See this post for instructions.


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

These are GREAT links, SW! Thank you!

Kim Smith said...

Very helpful links, SW!