Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the Stars?

Some people don't believe in destiny. For those who do, subjects like astrology and numerology tend to hold a certain degree of fascination. If you've ever taken stock in your daily horoscope, consulted anyone with "Madame" in their name, or filled out one of those "Are you and your lover compatible" surveys, this post is for you.

(Even if you haven't, read on, O skeptic one. My crystal ball says at least you'll crack a smile.)

Does the day you were born have any influence over you as a person? The idea might seem silly, but in my experience, most people have some trait or another that is in keeping with the general theme of their astrological sign. For example: I am a Libra, and Libras are said to be quiet people who are more interested in keeping the peace than voicing an opinion. That's me all over. In social situations, I've been known to purposefully and unobtrusively lose card games in order to prevent explosions from any hot-headed Capricorns that might be present. Hey, it's a living. :-)

Oddly enough, this general characterization by stars seems to hold across cultures. My birth year puts me under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit - again, a quiet sort of sign that doesn't like to cause waves, perhaps in the interests of staying under the radar of nearby Dragons.

What about other people? I recently found a website that lists famous people born on each day of the year, so you can see who shares your birthday. Here are a few that, like me, were born on October 21:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a noted poet
Ursula Le Guin, a well-known science fiction and fantasy novelist
Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prize (and inventor of dynamite!)

My husband is a creative and intelligent person, an artist, and an amateur philosopher (in the sense that he's not professional; not in the sense that he sucks :-). His birthday, January 8, is shared by:

Elvis Presley (who needs no introduction)
Stephen Hawking (physicist, author, and general genius)
Baltasar Gracian (renowned philosopher)
Peter Arno (NYT cartoonist)

Coincidence? Who knows. But it sure is interesting.

Who shares your birthday? This website breaks it down by month and day. Feel free to share your famous birth mates in the comments - inquiring minds want to know!


Kim Smith said...

-Albert Schweitzer
-John Dos Passos
-Andy Rooney

HEHEHE. You might know... one is a famous scientist, one a noted author, and one a talented actor and humorist.

The problem I see here is this :

Ain't they all dead????

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I share my birthday, April 25th, with Oliver Cromwell, Annie Lennox, Dido, Ella Fitzgerald, Al Pacino, Renee Zellweger and Edward R. Morrow to name a few.

Sylvia Browne, the psychic, says Taurus were the most boring people ever. I mean, what's with that?

Marta Stephens said...

Well ... I don't plan my life by it, but I'll admit I love reading my daily horoscope if only to see how it compares with what is happening in my life that day. It's usuallly amazingly close.

I share my 12/15 date with:

Edna O'Brien - Irish Novelist
J. Paul Getty - U. S. Oil Man
Muriel Rukeyser - U. S. Poet, feminist, social reformer.

I'm a Sagittarious archer and usually shoot for the heart of the matter. The zodiac description is: You're impulsive and inquisitive, needing travel and constant exposure to new foods, people, landscapes and things to do. Change is one thing you can't do without; you are a truth-seeker, and will go to the ends of the earth to find answers!

Is it close? LOL

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Ooh, Joylene. Ella Fitzgerald? I LOVE her! Very cool.

I share my birthday (3/17) with Nat King Cole, Patty Boyd (married George Harrison), John Sebastian (from the Lovin' Spoonful!), Kurt Russell, and of course many more good folks I didn't recognize!

Thanks, SW, for the distraction today. I need it!