Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Better Late Than Next Week

Sooo... I'm a bit late posting today. I was supposed to work from 9:30 this morning until 6 tonight, but ended up having to stay until 7 because... well, there's always some because. Some work that needs doing, some shift that needs covering, something that is broken, or missing, or urgent. When you're a low-level newbie manager in a fast food joint, there's always something - but at least there's overtime, too.

In addition to working 45+ hours a week, sometimes I write. And sometimes I take on extra jobs editing for a small publisher (because, let's face it, there ain't a lot of money to be had in fast food - even with overtime). And sometimes my agent wants more chapters for a project I wasn't even planning to work on (can't blame her for that; more chapters = good) because now is the time to take advantage of an unusual situation that has befallen me, and I definitely want the advantage.

And sometimes it's two weeks until my son's birthday, three weeks until my sister's wedding, and four weeks until school starts again.

That sometime is now. Ergo, I am late! :-)

I hope you'll forgive me. Shall I tell you a story? You can click here to read something of a background sketch on a few characters featured in my novel Broken Angel, if you'd like.

I promise to be more elaborate next week. After all, I have all this week to get everything I've mentioned above finished. No problem.

*where did I put those NoDoz? I'll just wash them down with this coffee...*

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