Thursday, July 17, 2008

Book Reviews

My first book, Avenging Angel is scheduled for release later this year and one of the things I am learning in this process is to get book reviews. I keep hearing from many sources that if you want more sales, then you need to get your books reviewed. Why? Here’s a short list:

1. Exposure -- Reviews can be seen and distributed across the web, which translates into a wider audience than you can do on your own. Wouldn’t you rather have your book touted to hundreds of thousands rather than a hundred, or a thousand?

2. Changes buying opinions -- If you're a known expert in your field then you already have much of the credibility needed to drive sales. If you are a new author however, of cozies, or suspense, and not widely known, you may not be fully trusted by the general reading public. Having your novel professionally reviewed, could get that nod you need from a potential reader.

3. Referrals -- When customers read a review that interests them, they may buy the book. And if they find the review appealing for someone else they know, they tend to pass the word on. Some people even do this for books they might not like when they think a family member or close friend might enjoy it.

4. Buy it now -- Reviews found through simple browsing, reading, and word of mouth can generate instant impulse purchases. If the reader likes what they've read in the review, they are more likely to click through to the purchase site and buy it on the spot.

5. Stack ‘em up sales – A well-done review will explain to a potential reader what makes the book good, and readers trust these opinions. This review process can help to stack sales higher and higher.

Some authors swear by testimonials, but oftentimes these come from well-meaning friends and the buying public doesn’t take them seriously. Reviews give a much needed boost of credibility.

I hope you will look for professional review sites to target, and maybe share them with me as I continue on my journey.


Marta Stephens said...

Hey Kim. Reviews can be their worth in gold. Hang in there; I'll be in touch.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Another aspect of this topic is to become a book reviewer, do a solid job, post everywhere, and get your name out that way as an author. I always include a blurb about my books after book reviews. The only problem is the time consumed - you have to be extremely picky about what you'll accept and then just do a few per year. I've had to turn down some great books lately due to publishing demands, but when things quiet down (will they ever?) I hope to get back to reviewing. It's another marketing tool to get your name out there.