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Meet Ruby, from Tall Pines Mysteries.

Good morning, writers and readers!

Once in a while we cohosts here at Murderby4 allow ourselves to crow a little, maybe to flap our feathers with a bit of self promotion. We don't do it too often, but it's okay when we release our latest books. ;o)

Tell the truth, I was so busy worried about putting up all our guests' posts this month, I almost overlooked the fact that my debut book in the new Tall Pines Mysteries is scheduled to be released November 15th. Sigh. Sometimes I'm quite the idiot.

FOR THE BIRDS is my 14th novel and the first in TALL PINES MYSTERIES, a series of three books with plenty more to come. It's based in the Finger Lakes and Adirondacks regions of New York - and has been touted as a "fresh new mystery" and " an intriguing mix of compelling characters and unexpected and unconventional twists and turns."

Actually, my publisher just alerted me that it's now available a bit early in all eBook formats and trade paperback on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, and can most likely be purchased everywhere. I've got dozens of review copies out, but I haven't told the world about Ruby yet.

Am I slipping? LOL. Maybe. But this is my fourteenth book in a long line of works (some published, some not yet), and I have been working all year on edits for seven books slated to be released in the next six months. It's been a tad crazy around here!

And I know, I should've taken more time to get published than just writing my heart out! Such is life and it is what it is.

Here's a synopsis to get you up to speed with the new characters and animals. And--by the way--this is my first series where I write from a woman's POV, a challenge I gave myself after seeing so many of my writer friends hop into the heads of the opposite sex with ease. Having lived with three daughters, my wife, and mother-in-law for the past few decades, I had some great examples. And all those Lifetime movies my wife watches didn't hurt, either. LOL.

No one could accuse Marcella Hollister's family of being normal. Her gorgeous Native American husband, Quinn, has a compulsive cleaning problem – which works for her, since she gets a pass on housework. Her mother, who insists on being called Thelma, loves picking on Quinn. And then there's Ruby. Sometimes Marcella isn't sure who Quinn loves more, his wife or his prized parakeet. Fortunately she loves the bird as much as her dust-busting husband.

While mourning the death of her stepfather, Raoul, Marcella and family head for the prestigious Adirondack National Bird Show for a much-needed vacation and with hopes that Ruby will win the coveted “best new color” class. But when Thelma trips and falls into a hotel pool with Ruby, dragging a line of twinkling lights with her, plans change. Electricity zaps through the water. Thelma and Ruby barely survive the ordeal, and a bizarre psychic link forms between them.

Eccentric bird psychic, Earl Tiramisu, starts to pester Marcella, and things get weird when he asks too many questions about her stepfather and his past. When Thelma is kidnapped from her hospital bed, the FBI shows up faster than expected, asking questions about Thelma’s recent inheritance from Raoul, implying that it may be linked to the Green Valley Bank heist – the largest unsolved robbery in U.S. history.

Through mountains, rivers, and across the rugged Adirondack park landscape, a brutal scenario evolves, where the good guys aren’t what they seem, and only Ruby’s newly acquired “Thelma-vision” provides hope for survival.

Book 2, ESSENTIALLY YOURS is slated for March 2012 release, and promised to bring as much or more fresh, contemporary adventure as Book 1. And I'm (trying to) working on SANCTUARY, Book 3, as this all happens around me. Phew.

So, here are a few shortcuts for you. You can read the first chapters in both FOR THE BIRDS and ESSENTIALLY YOURS by clicking the titles in this sentence.

And by the way, I am looking for EARLY reviewers for ESSENTIALLY YOURS, which is available right now only in .mobi and .epub eBook formats. So let me know if you want to participate in the great early review!
Now, if you're confused about all my mystery series, what's out and what's coming, don't worry. It's been a razzle dazzle time around here, so I've put together this summary to help you know what's what. And you can find links and buy info for all available books on my website, which is still named after the first series:  I've got a new site going, called, but haven't had time to work on it yet. Some day!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember, if you love to write, write like the wind!

Aaron Paul Lazar

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FOR THE BIRDS (released, NOV 2011)

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