Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reviews or peyews?

I have found a site where an author and reviewer go at it through the comments pretty strongly. It makes me wonder how often we get reviews that we think are really stinky and unfair.

I also have to ask how many do we get that are peyews but are truly justified, even if we cannot face up to the bald truth?

Reviewers take a lot of time to read your work, and although they are only one person's opinion, reviews are an important part of being a writer. It is not really a professional bit of behavior to diss them about their point of view (when posted) when you get that not-so-positive one.

A few things to remember about book reviews are :
1. They are a reader's perspective of the story, and not always parallel to our love of the book/story.
2. They are oftentimes posted in public places and can lift or lower your rankings based on whether it is good or bad.
3. They are also something that you will end up doing for someone if you are a writer.

Have to say that the weather has finally turned out nice here and I give IT a five star review! Hope your week flies by!

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