Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Cliches to Avoid

Every writer knows that one should avoid cliches like the plague (ha - see what I did there?). We often end up working hard to keep those pesky familiar phrases from creeping into our work. It's easy to let them slip in, because they're almost unconsciously present. We know them like the back of our hands. (Yep, I went there again.)

But now it seems we also have to avoid cliched author photos, as categorized and exemplified in this article from Flavorwire. Who knew?

Would you consider circulating a wacky, interesting, or different author photo? If you could have any pose and backdrop you wanted, what would you choose?


Kim Smith said...

I ran into this on this morning as I was writing. I tried really hard not to say squealed like a pig. It was difficult because what squeals better than a pig???

I would have to say I recently took a photo of myself shooting photos into a mirror looking into a mirror which created the infinity look (where you see a whole million mirrors looking at each other) and I think it was probably the coolest shot I have ever taken. I am in fact entering it into a contest in October.

C. N. Nevets said...

Whew! I think so far my temporary author photographs of me with a coffee cup are clear of the list.

Marta Stephens said...

A photo with a big lottery check would be nice. ;)

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Love this, Sonya. I have some really funny ones of me and my grandson playing with the photo features on my Mac. How about Author Split in Two with ten inch forehead and crazy bent fingers????