Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Can Tell Something About a Writer...

It's sometimes said that you can tell something about a woman by the contents of her purse (I'm not sure how you tell something about a man, though - the contents of his wallet? The position of his wallet? We'll stay away from shoe size here... :)

I believe that you can tell something about a writer by the contents of his/her writing space.

Now, I'm not advocating that people can be characterized (or judged) by the things that surround them. But I do believe that we tend to imprint some of our personalities on those places in which we spend a lot of time. So, here's a brief list of some of the things in my office, where I spend the majority of my writing time. What do you think this says about me? *g*

-Two computers (one is rarely used), a spare monitor, and a broken plasma TV
-A cabinet full of dishes, which I moved out of the kitchen so I didn't have to wash them
-Five drawings made for me by my son
-A bulletin board full of character sketches (of my guys from the House Phoenix series) made for me by my husband. Also on the board: a small Japanese fan, a rainbow sun catcher, a Captain Jack Sparrow button, a few photos, my agency acceptance letter, and my husband's braid which he cut off in 2003 or so
-Two movie posters: Pirates of the Caribbean and The Dark Knight (featuring Heath Ledger's Joker)
-A pierrot clown on a swing
-14 coffee cups
-A small mountain of books, with a shelf buried under it somewhere
-A cabinet full of miscellaneous electronic things, cords, computer parts, various office-type supplies, and a rotating beacon light
-Three angel figurines
-One stuffed white tiger head
-A smiley-face bank full of pennies
-Several Japanese themed items, including two vases, a clock (that doesn't tell time), a brush writing set, stress chime balls, a huge decorative fan with dragons, and a standing wind chime
-Three small, decorative boxes (empty)
-Four piles of papers, contents unknown
-Two metal mariachi figurines
-A basket full of rocks
-An inclined sit-up bench
-Thumbtacks. Lots of thumbtacks
-Cats (number, size and presence of cats may vary)
-Graffiti, which I spray-painted on the walls and door

So...what's in your writing space?


Kim Smith said...

hahaha....books books books!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Oh, SW. This is GREAT! I'm envious that you HAVE a writing space. Mine ends up being wherever I can find QUIET in my house. Thank God for laptops, huh? My favorite place, however, is my fairly newly redone living room with the woodstove, comfy sofa and soft Denali blanket to put on my lap, my dog Balto on my lap, and a place to put my cup. I'm all set!! More often than not (recently) I've been banished to our bedroom, where my wife has the TV blaring and I have to try to stifle the noise with my headphones. I do have a comfy leather chair and ottoman there, however, which takes away the sting of not having a quiet place anymore. (since Jenn and the three kids moved home. LOL)

Marta Stephens said...

Had to wait until I got home to post! Let's see, Three stacks of reference books to my right, a 23-year old plant, a bottle of pain reliever (ha!), two pairs of reading glasses, three pens, CD, microphone, wires, a glass of Coke. And that just on a file cabinet next to my desk. LOL As I look around the room, I see two bookcases (one is a floor to ceiling and full to capacity, three more lamps, plastic crates for my files, my printer three mugs full of pens, pencils and markers, a box of tissues for when the pain killers don't work, two more pairs of reading glasses, a piggy bank, more plants, two boxes of books on the floor, several stacks of papers that I'll never look through again, my over-stuffed chair, family photographs and a few of my oil paintings, my bronze IPPY and last but not least, the iron and ironing board.

Hmmm, maybe it's time to clean up.

Mark Spencer said...

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