Thursday, January 19, 2017

Starting out the new year by writing a novel

Good day, Murderers...

So we made the 101 Best Sites list again (Writers Digest Writers Yearbook 2017), and I wanted to thank everyone for being a part of our little family here. We have had ups and downs *personally I am having a lot of downs right now* but this site has survived it all.

This week I want to address those of you (us)who are starting out this new year writing a book-maybe for the first time. Maybe it is not your first book, but you are finally committed to finishing it.

Either way, this post might be of some benefit.

What does one do when they have an idea that won't leave them alone? Characters that talk to them all day and night? A setting that demands to be developed in a literary way?


That's the real first step to writing anything. Just start. One page a day. 250 words on a computer screen will get you far when it becomes a daily habit. Try it. Try writing 250 words on a blank Word Doc and see if you don't discover that once you get started you could keep going on and on.

My problem is not getting started sometimes, sometimes it is STOPPING!

And do this without thought for correct spelling, syntax, or anything else...just write!

I would love to hear what your process is, or your questions them up below!

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Terry W. Ervin II said...

Yes, persevere and get that novel done...first, second or whatever it takes.