Friday, March 13, 2015

For Horror Writers - A Contest!

As a courtesy to fellow writers, today we're letting you know about a new writing contest. Here is the blurb from Lauren Harsma, Head of the Authors Community at, who asked us to share the news with you!

If you thrive on chaos, if you live to be spooked, if you've got a story inside you trying to claw its way out of the darkness in your chest, Inkitt's March writing contest is screaming your name (and screaming and screaming and screaming).

Inkitt – a social writing platform where authors can share their work, get constructive and intelligent feedback, and improve their writing – is sponsoring it's second contest which closes on March 31st.

The theme? The theme this month is "Running Scared: The Most Terrifying Tale Ever Told" (though writers are not required to have this line anywhere in their story – anything horror goes!).

The deadline for the contest is March 31st, so get ghoulish: submit your worst nightmares at

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