Thursday, January 22, 2015

Straying from the normal

I have written in almost every genre. Fantasy, mystery, romance, and a little bit of in-between--leaning toward horror. But there is one thing I always said I would never write.

Sci fi.

I know, right?

I just didn't care for it. I loved sci fi movies, but books just left me dry. I didn't have enough of a science background to know when it rang true or was baloney-sauce. So I mostly left sci fi to those who are aficionados. Give me good old
Southern fiction any day. Throw in a murder or a ghost, well, I'm yours forever.

Then I got a wild hair and wrote what passed for sci fi in a short piece. I submitted it. They liked it and wanted to put it in an anthology. Well, punch me and call me Judy. They LIKED it! William Faulkner is rolling over in his grave about now.

Just hold up there, old Bill. I am hot on the trail of something new. Sci fi. And not just sci fi, the old dry pie. I mean space opera stuff. I know you fellers are all about mystery and suspense and thriller, but that all can be inserted in this type of sci fi. In fact, it is a prerequisite. You have to have drama and high stakes. Somebody might get "insert space gear name here" to death. They might have a spaceship collision. What if a planet exploded?

Yeah, man. I am on the hoof now, outlining and plotting a blockbuster. I am so excited, I can hardly wait to share it.


Terry W. Ervin II said...

Science Fiction takes time and research, but the ability to tell a good story is vital too, and I know you're able to do that, Kim :)

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

This is so exciting, Kim!!! Can't wait to read your next book! You cracked me up with this blog today with "baloney-sauce," "Punch me and call me Judy," and "dry pie," all of which I've never heard before, but were hilarious. Must be a Southern thing? LOL I'm so proud of you for trying so many genres - not many people can pull this off. But I know you can! Woo hoo! Happy writing!