Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Three Gems

Hello MB4 Readers!

I'm back from Colorado this week and catching up as we speak. So, in lieu of my post today, I'd like to share three little gems with you guys.

1) From historical fiction writer, Eleanor Khuns:

Salem has a long history as a maritime city. It was an era when smuggling was so accepted even gentlemen engaged pretty openly in smuggling. Don’t believe me? Well, in New York protection money was paid to Governor Fletcher and Thomas Tew, a Rhode Island Pirate, was frequently Fletcher’s dinner guest.

The tunnels of Salem – Smuggling in the Colonies as a way of life. http://wp.me/p1Xrwn-a8

2) From the talented Uvi Poznasky:

When my father passed away, I went back home for the traditional Shiva-a, the seven days period of mourning. Perhaps the grief did something to change the way I viewed things, or else it was sitting in that space--my childhood home--in a spot I rarely sat before.


3) And from MB4's very own, Aaron Paul Lazar, a free excerpt from TERROR COMES KNOCKING: a Sam Moore Mystery, part of the green marble series, which you can read by visiting Aaron's Facebook page at:

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thank you, Dora! I love Uvi Poznansky's writing, but must have missed this piece. Heading over to read both of your recommendations right now! Welcome back!