Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pre-holiday stuff

I am flying by on my Christmas sleigh, drawn by eight tiny reindeers, to tell you of some pre-holiday news...

First, An Unexpected Performance will be on FREE DOWNLOAD for Kindle starting tomorrow and going for a twenty-four hour special. Remember you do not need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. All you need is the Kindle app.

And second, there is a FREEEEEEE short story available for you on my website called Christmas is a Crime. It is dark, and edgy, and not very appealing for most people, but you dear Murderer, you will eat it up. So go to Kim Smith, Author and get your belly full.

Also, all of my Christmas short stories are available now for .99 at Amazon. You can get Christmas Layover , The Christmas Kiss , and The Christmas Heist all for a mere buck. If you go to Red Rose Publishing you can get them for .50 - so don't delay!
On another note, it is only a bit over a week until our big celebration (yes, it is almost like a speeding train, bearing down on us!), and I am almost finished making presents. Yes, Murderers, I am MAKING my presents this year. I have found that my kids have such wide and varied tastes that there is no way to purchase gifts that will make the grade. They do not like certain clothes, they watch Netflix movies, they have video games, and music and other things that would be gifts, so that leaves gift cards and homemade things. Which they love much more. I also stuff stockings for them with things they can use into the New Year, like shampoo and toothpaste. (okay, I am a mother Santa.)

So, for the next few days left to me to get 'er done, I will be finishing up my Santa chores. Then it will be off to the kitchens to bake the goodies. Does anyone have a good recipe for Gingerbread or Snickerdoodles?

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Wow, Kim! Merry Christmas to US! Super deals. You know I'm a fan, I'm off to get my goodies. ;o) Have fun prepping for the big day!