Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Reviews for Hire?

The news this week is that if one has enough money, one can simply go out and hire a book reviewer to review your work and post the review in a lot of places, thereby giving you, the author, notice.

Ahem. Tap tap. Is this thing on? *glaring at microphone*

"WAKE UP WRITERS!!!!!!!!!!"

Here is the story, if you dare to read it. I find it completely reprehensible that an author would stoop to such poor attempts to garner interest in their work. If your writing is that bad (well, if it was good then you wouldn't have to PAY reviewers to read it, now would you?), then go and do something else. Take up gardening, or crochet.

Fake Reviews

All of the members of Murder by 4 have reviewed fellow author's works and we are very happy and proud to do that as a service. All I have ever gotten out of it was a super thank you. It was good enough for me, Murderers.

*Marketing my work is going slowly, nothing new to report at this time-still have one submission floating in pro markets, and one novel with a publisher for consideration...***strains of the old song, "Waiting is the Hardest Part"****ahh... Tom Petty.

Until next time, hope you bleed all over the page.

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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim. I am so grateful for all the folks who offer to review my stuff for free - it is a true gift. And if they love the book, it works both ways! Love the pic of the leaf!