Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting back in swing of things

Good day to you Murderers, and let me begin with saying, I am just now getting back to the norm after a glorious week off for vacation in the fabulous North Kingdom, or God's country, or plain old Vermont (if you must say that). I filled four 4GB cards of photos, (that's like 800 shots for you who don't know) and I just really wanted to park my life there.

From another trip....

Summer swings on and the weather has been such a topic for the entire country, I think I'll skip mentioning it aside from saying, it is indeed hot.

Writing goes on for me as usual. I finished the second installment of the Case of the Missing Body (YA mystery, serial short story) and if you haven't gotten to downloading this Kindle original yet, get to hopping!!

Part ONE here:

Part TWO here :

My topic for you today is this: what do you think about a serial short story? Is this a good idea? Bad? Why? My idea is to get interest for my writing by keeping a continuous story going... they are short only about 10 pages each installment, and easy to read, easy to follow. Of course, it is YA and not a terribly bloody read. *I knooow Murderers, I knnnoooow*

I am also going again on a often thought of but highly disregarded book that has held me captive since the 1990's. Thank you, Amazon, for making self-publishing a great option for me for this book. And another book, that is a romance, pure and simple. Yes, I know you could care less. You want more blood, more muuuuurrrrdddeeerrrr.... haha.

That's it from me, enjoy your Thursday, go and find some clues to your mystery.

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