Thursday, June 7, 2012

A trio of villains

Today it occurred to me as I looked at a writing prompt, what exactly do we know about villains? Well, I suggest to you to take a look at a popular trio, found in Cinderella stories. And yes, I say stories, because the famed fable has many takes.

Now, what do we really know about those sisters?

Well, first of all, they have been portrayed as ugly in face, and in other incarnations, as ugly in spirit. Either way, they exhibit some very necessary ingredients for us to see in order to love Cinderella. Their terrible attitudes and vengeful ways come against the sweet and forgiving soul of Cinderella, which makes us like her a lot.

And what about the third member of our trio?

The ugly stepmother. Or the wicked one. Yes, she is equally as evil. And these ladies and their villainy are the fodder for many a fairy tale including a Chinese fable, and a Disney movie.

By the way, the writing prompt was to start the story at the point where the shoe fits. Only it doesn't, and in fact, fits one of these mean old women. ha. Gotta love the muse!

Go out and kill someone today, Murderers. Literatively speaking, of course!


Ricky Bush said...

I'm waiting for Cinderella to get the movie treatment that Snow White was just subjected to.

Kim Smith said...

ohh Ricky I missed that movie but I am going to add it to my Netflix queue when it becomes available... I just bet it was delicious!!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Kim, I just left a long post here and it disappeared, LOL. Oh well. What I basically said was I love analyzing villains! And if you remember what Dennis Palumbo said in his recent MB4 guest blog about psycho killers, we can make our villains even more authentic and believable by digging deep down into our own dark psyche. Good thing most of us law-abiding citizens have filters that work, so we only "think" these thoughts sometimes! Have a great weekend. ;o)