Thursday, June 28, 2012

My I Will- and yes, you may steal my I Will

Today I am short on ideas for  my weekly blog post so I semi-stole an idea from another blog and rewrote it for my own purposes. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you will use it as well. On July 7, I will be going on vacation - yes, AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD, but you will get a review from me on a new book. Because that is going to happen next week, I will probably not post a regular post on Thursday. As it is right after the Independence Day holiday, I am sure you won't miss it --LOL.

Here ya go:

I Will

I will get up on time and spend a few moments exercising my body to nourish and protect it.
I will see to it that I spend at least one hour a day doing something that fulfills me even if it is simply watching a television show that I really enjoy.
I will not allow one single person or thing to make me feel like I am slacking off when I decide not to write a blog post, or a short story, novel, or poem.
I will sit in the sun and allow the majesty of its heat to permeate my soul and fill me with light.
I will breath deeply every hour and thank God for the ability to breathe.
I will love those I love with an everlasting love.
I will pray or meditate on all that has been placed in my care for the benefit of someone other than myself.

Happy Thursday, Murderers -

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