Thursday, March 8, 2012

Books to be written

copyright Kim Smith
Everyday I am bombarded by writing ideas. It's far easier to get them now that I am working a job that requires little to no effort. Yes, I have one of THOSE jobs. I write books in my mind all day long now, but still haven't written much in reality.

The reason being- I need to play with them in my mind for a while. See, I am a writer of ideas that have gone full tilt in my head for a long time before touching the computer with them. I need to get to know the people of the stories, figure out the setting, and yes, play with a plot idea for a time. When I get it in a place where I can begin writing, I get home and go to it. But I still consider myself a seat of the pants sort of writer because I never get technical with the idea stage. I don't write outlines, or long information sheets.

Sometimes the ideas never make it. Sadly, some stories are only for my endless idea pile. They do not come full-blown, nor do they ever grow into anything. They make a slow day go by faster though (smile). I love stories with great passages of description and interesting information that I would never have had if I hadn't read the book, and long to incorporate that in my own work.

Sometimes I succeed.

So, how do you write your stories?


Miranda Hardy said...

I'm the exact same. I write them in my head before I can sit down to write them.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim. It's always fascinating to see how other writers begin their stories. With me, I know my cast already (from one of my three mystery series), but I picture scenes I want to incorporate with the themes I have running around in my brain. For example, with Virtuoso (not yet released), I knew I wanted to feature the horses more, such as a scene where Gus is riding on the Greenway trail and sees a small plane go down. I knew he'd rescue the guy inside, and that he would be some surprise from Gus's past. But in the beginning, I wasn't sure of his name or the surprise. ;o) I also knew I wanted to feature art forgery, the Eastman school of music, and a chase scene through Central Park. Isn't it fun?