Thursday, January 19, 2012

Contest and cons

Having a Zen Day
Good morning, Murderers! Haha. Well, if you think about it, you like Mb4 and are a follower of the blog, so that makes you a murderbyfour-er. Or to keep it cool, murderer.

So who's going to a con this year? Who's entering a contest? Who's querying an agent with their hot topic?

I am!! At least, I hope to. I always try to make the local con, Mid South Con although I missed it last year. It is always a really fun one, with an outstanding writer's track. If you are in my region, go to this one!

Also, if you are going to save up to go to one, Killer Nashville, in the middle of Tennessee has to be on the list too, because it is in August. Plenty of time to save for that one.

I am probably not going to enter many contests, but I may host one. Anyone interested in winning one, two or all three of my Shannon books? If you have been procrastinating on buying them (and come on, they are digital downloads-slow much??) -- here could be your chance to get them ALL!

I need some good ideas for contests too. Any suggestions out there in Murderland?

What about querying an agent? That is always in the back of my mind, but so far, I have not done it. Too chicken or else just comfortable with what I already have accomplished I guess. With the popularity of digital books now, I think more people are just going with it and doing the agenting themselves. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a "zen" day, Murderers.


Kay Elam Writes said...

Hi Kim,

Something must be in the air. I blogged on Killer Nashville on Monday. :-)

Love the photo on today's post. Hope to see you at KN.


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Kim.

You know, I'm embarrassed to admit I've never been to a conference before. I'm not sure if we have any close to Rochester, NY, but even so I often get a little shy about going. I am much better at articulating in writing than verbally. At least that's how it seems to me. ;o)

I'm sure folks would love to win a copy of your series! I would suggest going about it like the book bloggers do - have a sequence of easy to do steps. 1)Comment on the blog 2)Follow you on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 3) Choose randomly from those who did the above.

I'm so happy with Twilight Times Books now (my publisher) and am so proud of them for getting into the top 100 Markets for Books and Writers in the WD Magazine, that I'm glad my last two agents didn't work out! Sometimes it's all for the best, you know? I think you should keep focused on giving us all the best Shannon books you can pop out each year - but I know that's a little selfish. It just takes SO much time and energy to divert to querying, especially when you're on a roll like you are now!

Marta Stephens said...

Hmmm. I've gone to conferences, won a some contests, and book three is still in the hands of an agent. So why am I still banging my head against the wall every time I try to work on an opening chapter line?

None of the above are in my plans this year. ;) Maybe next.