Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Review: PELICAN POINT by Douglas Quinn

review by Aaron Lazar

PELICAN POINT Is my first Douglas Quinn mystery. I had a feeling I'd like the story in advance, because I got to know the author as a fellow writer and thoroughly enjoyed his blogs and our relationship. (Note: I don't write reviews as favors, I only report what I honestly thought after reading the book.)

The plot and tension were enjoyable in their own right, but what really hooked me was the sense of place. Webb Sawyer lives in a stilt house on the water, and his life is fully enveloped in fishing. Fresh fish for breakfast, fish for lunch, fish with every meal. My father was a fisherman, so I enjoyed the details around this passion of Webb's and particularly loved the descriptions of the waterways and boats, and the critters living in and around the area.

Also, I became enamored with the rather "crusty" main character. Webb is not a perfect man. His history of fatherhood isn't something he is proud of, but he knows it and is trying to make up for all the years of being separated from his son, Preston. The frail relationship between the boy and his father seemed real and genuinely depicted. Webb also isn't the most sensitive man, isn't looking for a long term relationship with a woman (so it seems), and is quite self-centered. Yet, I found myself growing fond of his quirky ways.

One aspect of the main character that came through loud and clear, and which I loved, was the fact that he's a "man's man." I loved his action-taking and the strength and purpose he showed when his son was in serious danger. Webb's character arc completes when he redeems himself in the end.

The villains were real and frightening, the action tight and unwavering, and all in all I would recommend this mystery as a nice winter read, especially for those of us in the north wishing for warm weather!

Aaron Lazar

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