Sunday, May 22, 2011

A quick hello

Hi, folks!

Just a quick note to say hello. Sunday is normally my post day, but we've had a fairly decent weekend for the first time in many moons, so I've been outside planting, rototilling, weeding, mowing, and more from 5:30 in the morning 'til I can't see any more. Rain is threatening again now, so we're in for a little break.

I've had help from my little buddies this weekend - Julian and Gordon. Just thought you'd get a kick out of one of the videos I took of Gordie when he was two - he LOVED to plant then, and planted all day yesterday. So much fun.

Enjoy your Sunday and happy writing!



Anonymous said...

A quick hi back! Why do our children grow up so fast? Sigh.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

I know, Bryce. And here are my grandkids, also growing up WAY too fast!! Thanks for stopping by. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Of course, we know what THAT means. Double sigh.