Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting a "Do-over"

copyright 2011, Aaron Paul Lazar

How many of you have written a novel or two long ago, got them published, and wish now that with all the skills you've accumulated  over the years you could write them over again?

Maybe the stories are great and the characters are memorable, but you just wish you could get rid of all those extra words you didn't need, do more showing instead of telling, and spice up the dialogue?

I can hardly believe it, but I'm actually getting the chance for a do-over! Two do-overs, to be precise. My current publisher, Twilight Times Books, has regained the rights to both early books. We're polishing the manuscripts, redesigning the covers, and releasing them next year in eBook and print versions.

My first books (Double Forte' and Upstaged) came out in 2005 and 2006. Even to this day they are well-received by my readers. But to me, they stink. They reek. They are just awful.

It's not so much the stories, mind you. Those seem okay. And the characters are good, I think, except I want to give a little more attitude to my protag in the first book. And I know I'm being a little hard on myself, because the average reader still comes back to me and raves about how they "couldn't put it down." Happened to me just yesterday, actually.

But in my writer's head, from the perspective of a professional, I know they are far from perfect and that lots of hacking is required.

Well, heck. After you've written fifteen books, you'd best have learned some good tricks along the way, right?

So this week I've been getting re-aquainted with my old writing style, cleaning it up by deleting lots of unnecessary explanation, phrases, etc. I'm brightening up the dialog to sound more natural, getting rid of most dialog tags, and taking out the superfluous adverbs.

Damn, it feels good. :o)

I'll be on vacation when this comes out on MB4, off in the Adirondacks where my new Tall Pines series was born. So thanks in advance for your comments. I'll actually be at the Tall Pines cabin on the Sacandaga River, tell the truth. I can't wait. And I'm a little afraid I'll be tempted to give up this do-over in favor of starting a third book in the Tall Pines series. The environment there is just too evocative of mysteries... I can't seem to help myself.

So, enjoy your week. Hope all the Mother's in our readership (plus Marta, Kim, and Mrs. Ron Adams) have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Remember, if you love to write... write like the wind!

Aaron Paul Lazar


Terry W. Ervin II said...

I sort of know what you mean, but with short stories. However, I've always looked at it as they represent the best I was able to write at the time. If I didn't write them, I wouldn't be where I am at today.

Best of luck on the 2nd editions!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Terry! Thanks for commenting and for your kind wishes. ;o)